there was a time when?

Parents were concerned about how to teach their kids about sex.

In the late 60’s the school I went to. did something that was different!

They sent home permission slips for the school to show 2 films to the students about the “what’s to come?” later in life. It was received somewhat positively. there were some holdouts!

The film was showed 2 ways.

One for the boys, and the other for the girls.

Both of us! got out of it alright! None the worst!

Now! For (then) us kids! Even health class is dull beyond understanding!

We (as parents) were concerned about our kids getting it from the streets. Misinformation.

Back then! morals, values, sex education were a ‘BFD!”.(You can figure that out!)

NOW? It’s not!

What happened?



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