Just 2 weeks ago. I found myself changing the channel to some other stuff! The WWE has the “same old! same old!” stars. Moves the same! Exaggerated comments from the stars, announcers.

Impact! Is holding its own!

I listen to the videos on youtube. And wrestling has changed dramatically!

I remember seeing the old guys wrestling not so much acrobatics! Most;y rolling around the mat.


Even the WWE Network! Has gone stale!!! I no longer watch their programs entirely!

Total Divas! Is way more interesting!

That’s not saying a lot!

Even MLWrestling! On youtube! The same!

I’ve heard on the many Jim Cornette shows. How fans have gotten turned off by these organizations.

It’s all acrobatics! and “sports entertainment!”

Pretty much the same moves as seen everywhere! WWE uses the same so-called “SuperStars! Recycled! Too long!

WWE wants their people to perform the way “they” want them to! I think that within itself! Restricts if not slows the wrestler down! Some of them! Have already been in the pros!

Why? Not work with what you got????





I’ve thought about this question a lot!

I was exposed to music when I was very young. My mom had some rhyming plastic records. Then! My half-sisters listened to rock n roll stations on the radio. When it came to my half-sisters! I had no choice in the matter.

I can remember watching the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show. My mom did not have a problem with it (or did she?).  I wanted the “Meet the Beales” 1st/ album. Mom said no! The closest I got was 2 45’s of the “Fab 4!

In my teen years! mom let me have an open hand in my musical tastes. She would let me buy the 45 of the Monkees. But! Not any of their albums.

What was weird! My mom knew I had a thing for Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66! They were an adult group. I loved their sound & music. They came on the “HOT 100” charts with a song called “The Look of Loce” Apparently! Even my generation loved it!

The “real”! the song that got us, young people! Was Mason Williams “Classical Gas!” we were blown away by it!

In the late 60’s! there were a lot of love songs to be had!

Ed Ames! Part of the “Ames Bros/. And he had a recurring role in the series “Daniel Boone”.

He had a song that Amazed us when we heard it. It was called My Cup Runneth Over.

In that song! He held out! Witha very long note!

One of my favorite Songs was by the association! Charish, everything that touches you.

Music makes us feel the way we do! It can take us up! It can bring us down! And! It can calm us.

Music within itself is powerful!

What amazes me is!

it all started with a classical work as a young kid!

What got me interested in different kinds/types of music Was classical music.

When FM 1st. began! There was a traditional jazz station  (daytime only). then there was a fine arts station (24 hrs.).the other classical/fine arts stations came on either in the afternoon or in the evening.

Because FM was still in its early Infancy! there were 2 stations that I could not get. Those 2! Neither here nor there!


I was not one like the other kids in the area! Who concerned themselves with! What’s HOT! what’s not!

If there was a song I heard the on the radio? If I liked it? I either bought the 45 or the album.

I got compliments! On my musical tastes!

Eclectic? Perhaps!

“Music! has been my oldest friend!” My fiercest foe!” “cause it can take me so high!” “HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!” Yes, it can take me so low!”-Steve Chapin “I let time go lightly!”


I had this so-called friend. Who had this “thing” about being “on up!” on everyone!

Obsession? NO! Narcissism? OH YES!

When we were growing up. I had an AM-FM radio. He did not.  He would cut deals with his mom about getting things. That others have.

When it came to the radio! the best he got was an AM radio. There was this used junk store. My radio was new! His came from the junk store!

Another time! I had a speedometer for my bicycle. He got? A device that when the generator rubbed against the back wheel. Would make the headlight & taillight come on. Only! If you rode your bike it was on!

When “QUAD” stereo was around! I bought (before him!) a quad stereo system. Panasonic was the brand.

He! Bought an (at that time) an unknown brand! Why? Because it was”Cheaper”!

Another time was? when his dad and a friend was working on an engine inside an old van. When he turned over the engine with w crowbar. the engine caught fire.

Now!Because of the short distance between where We were and to his mom’s house. He was closer to the fire departments “pull box.

He was so obsessed about being 1st.!

From that time on! He did not ever let me forget! That he was 1st. to get the fire department!

Years later! He still had this 1-up going on!

He saw someone flick a lighter with a “Snap” of their fingers with ease! He tried to duplicate it as well.

Another time was when he claims he saw someone flick a cap into the wastebasket by snapping their fingers! Again! Duplication with him! Is a complete failure!

When he had a computer. and at that time. I did not. He would make me jealous of him. Again! Failure in motion!

How can anyone! Be jealous of another? when one does not know how great something is?

He always! Tried to get his friends to buy for him. With little to no money out of his pocket!

When we guys went to the drive-in! To keep from getting “Drunk”! He was the driver! He would look into the rearview mirror, and to me next to him. And if seen no one was looking. He would empty his beer outside the car.

His dad would ask me to help him redo an apartment. I said yes! But the “1-upper” had other ideas! When we got close to completing it! He would antagonize me to get me to leave before the job was done. Just to save his dad some money!

I went places on my bike! He! Was jealous of me for it!

The one place I went to was “The Metroparks”! It’s a place that you could go to. It’s like? A walk/ride through a country like setting. He did not like that not one bit!

Another area he was jealous in!

I subscribed to “Billboard” magazine. Every Monday! He would steal it from my mailbox! Just so he was “1-up” on what was no. 1 before me!

But at the same time! He has this “thing” also of reminding people what they verbally said about doing this/that!

He himself! Was no “follow through” guy either!

He would ask me if he could borrow (in this case!) some money? I said yes. Gave it to him. When it came time to pay back? Slow! In paying the bills!

When he was in high school! He was in the high school band. He would play the trumpet badly when he was in front of me. In concert? Perfect!

He did not mind talking about you behind your back! But! If you talked about him behind his back? Revenge!!!!!

He claims he does not like people chewing things! Him? That’s different!

He said to me: “this year!” I’m going out for all after-school activities in high school!” Result! “NONE!”


Two times! He said to me: “for my prom!” “I’m going to wear a crushed velvet tux!” Result! White tux with black trim and black buttons!

Again! He said the same thing when he got married! Result! Light brown tux! the whole wedding party! Dressed in light brown autumn colors. Even the bad was cheap! 3 old guys playing 4 old songs and “Rock-in Robin!”

he later sais to me: “After you left!” Then they played rock!” 3 old guys??? Playing rock????

What did he give the ushers?  A cheapass tie clasp!

I always said to him & my ex!

You 2 missed each other! I can see both of you! I can see the 2 of you! Going at each other’s throats! seeing who can the other 1st.!!!!! Such a reflection!!!!!




We as kids, growing up!

Experience what we encounter. Mostly from our parents, family members friends, classmates and then some.

My parents when they were growing up. Were abused! My mom was physical, my dad verbally.

And me? I think they expected me to get it all in a “Crash Course” of learning it all at once! Perhaps! they did not want to continue the cycle of abuse. Let’s say that? Something I did that was wrong. That one thing could ignite the anger they may have experienced when being on the receiving end of abuse.

In a situation like that! How can anyone, learn what love is?

My mom! did things that by the standards as well as now! Would be unheard of. When I was about 13 years old. My mom let me buy “PLAYBOY”. I not only looked at the pictures! I also read the “Playboy Advisor” That! Helped me understand what love is. Also the affairs of the heart too.

I know! not everyone is as lucky as I was! But! If we spent more time learning what love is? And learn what our hearts & minds tell us. We maybe are onto something. And not let the past affect the present of our lives.

There is more to life, love then we know! It’s intricate! It does take time to learn. There is no “Crash Course” to learn about life & love.

Our parents! And our parent’s parents! Knew very little about it all! Where we (hopefully!) know more about it.

Love can be powerful! Only! The clash of the minds and attitudes and upbringings that get in the way!



Do you want to just drive away?

I think! There is no one who would rather just drive away from it all!


Our problems will always be there! the same old! same old stuff!

Suggestion! when you have either a 3-day wknd. or some vacation time!

Polan to go outside the city or within the state or outside the state.

What’s needed is? Time to ourselves! Sometimes it is best to just go somewhere where they don’t know who you are. As long as you treat them nice!

Find a place to stay, know the area shops, restaurants, bars so on!

Or! move away from where you are! Take the bold step! Planning is everything!!!!

New job1 Or something to keep the money coming in!



This has/had! Got to be the most unique place!

It had most things a local/national traveler could want.

In the old days! The Fred Harvey co. had some gift shops, bar, restaurants, newsstand.

There were?

A bank, self-storage coin-op footlockers, Fanny Farmer candies, 2 bakeries, Shoe store, shoeshine/ repair shop, produce stand, 2 snack bars, 2 newsstands, bookstore, 2 entrances to the local trains, delicatessen,  USO, barber shop, nut shop, 3 restaurants, 3 ramps to make your bus connections 2 of which were to the Higbee co. department store.

The Fred Harvey had 3 restaurants. 1 was called the Acorn room, Buffet style dining, the English oak room, refined dining, Harvey House, casual dining, the “choo choo” lounge, you know!

I remember at the one newsstand! Businessmen would walk over and check out Playboy! they would just flip over to the centerfold, look at it, close it back, walk away.

In the late afternoon! Was the evening newspaper.The Cleveland Press!

Even though! The newsstand also sold it! there was this young guy! He had his stand for the evening paper only Back then it was 10 cents per copy. He made more money selling it! Than the newsstand did!

In the Acorn room. The chef there tried something different! Normally! He would have fried fish on Fridays. He made “Shrimp Thermador”. It went over like lead! He learned from that time on.

When commercial passenger trains ended!

Someone came up with? Tennis courts in the terminal!

They covered over the entrances that you had to go downstairs to catch the trains.

Put up a huge fence and padding to keep people watching the members play. In the back of the courts!there was this huge wall mural. that was there during the time the trains ran underneath the terminal.

When! Fred Harvey closed their businesses. Then! Where the acorn room was. McDonald’s came in.

The end of an era!

It’s now! Tower city center! You can still make you local train connections. It’s now converted to a shopping mall.


Being a kid!

Going downtown was an event in itself! In the old days. People dressed up when they went into town. Even me!

The stores!

The MAY Co., Higbee’s, Hallie Bros. there were stores. There were local Department stores. They failed. IDK! How long they were in business.

The Mays, Higbee’s, Hallie Bros. Remained strong! they were called the  “Anchor” stores. Because it was thought those stores were what brought people into town.

Downtown at that time. Was all retail stores/shops/restaurants/businesses.

Going to the may co. was fun! the many departments! My favorite was the toy/candy Dep’t. The candy mostly! Haystacks, peanut butter cups. No sooner I got home! Devoured! the may co. was an “Eagle stamp” that gave them and redeemed them.

It took a book of $100.00 to get $3.00 back. The difference between then and now! Very different! There were other types/kinds of saving stamps as well.

I remember diagonally across the street. Was an S & H green stamp redemption center. I remember seeing in the s& h catalog. It took 995 books to buy a car they had. My mom hardly went there.

With the savings stamp! You had to know how to place the stamps and which ones went where in the book.

Higbee’s and Hallie bros. did not give or redeem savings stamps.

Higbee’s! was a notch above may’s. The insides were a little more refined but not out of the way. They had equally the same things. But both shared the same thing! “THE BUDGET BASEMENT”!

My mom & dad did not make much money. So mom would go to either store to buy clothes for me.

I had a “Narcissist” friend who would bad mouth me because I wore budget basement clothes. (Like he wore upscale!)

I don’t really recall! Higbee’s having a candy Dep’t.

I went to Hallie bros. one time. More refined!

Christmas! The streets would be decorated with Holliday ornaments and lights.

Bailey’s! and Bing’s were local department stores. Who’s run lasted perhaps 10 years or so.

There were not much to recall about either one.

Restaurants! I loved going to them! Higbee’s, may’s had restaurants.

The may co. had the Mayfair restaurant.  Higbee’s was the silver grill. HATED it! The silver grill scaled their food. Mayfair did not. I recall! Having fish & chips there. It was served in a British newspaper. That was my 1st. time trying malt vinegar.

There were 5 cent -$10 dollar stores.

W. T.Grants, F. W.woolworth, S. S Kresge, Jupiter.

Their luncheonettes! Were a place where you could have lunch, ice cream.

the interesting thing about Woolworth’s! their servers, when they poured you a glass of water.. they would use an ice tea teaspoon to stir the bubbles out of the water.

W.T. Grants! Was an interesting store. The colors were orange with blue trim. I loved their hot dogs! The bun was toasted. Even from the outside! You could smell them!

Every 5 & 10 had a lunch counter. Even drug stores.

There were two cafeterias! one was the mills, the other the forum.

The forum also scaled their food! Even let customers have only one food item. If you wanted something else? You would get a snarly look and comment from the servers.

There was one bank that had class! Style on the inside. It’s now a supermarket!

We did have a “Funhouse” in downtown. A Burlesque house! Even a head shoppe!

The decline of the late 70’s and early 80’s brought an end to it all!

It’s nice! To reminisce.